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Walnut, CA 91789


With over 10 years of history, G&G Nutra is a trusted partner and supplier to leaders in the nutraceutical, dietary supplement / vitamin, food & beverage, and functional foods space.

We provide the highest quality ingredients at a competitive price by working directly with the best manufacturers, and we partner with our customers in not only developing innovative products based on our key ingredients, but also in helping our customers' success by ensuring transparency, quality and building a relationships beyond just a transactional one. 


Applications and product ranges of Inulin - the natural dietary fiber prebiotic

Inulin has a wide range of product applications as a functional ingredient. For example baked goods, sports and healthcare nutrition, savory foods (in meats and pastas), in candy and sweets, in juices/drinks and beverage, and also in dairy products like ice cream, cheese and yogurt without compromising texture or taste. 


Lowering fat and calories while boosting fiber without altering taste, texture or appearance, Inulin is the perfect functional ingredient.